Principal Elements of Legal Assistant Job Description

Job Profile

A legal assistant co-ordinates and directs the law office activities. He prepares the documents with assorted briefs, appeals, pleadings, wills, contracts and real estate authority papers. To gather and research data like legal articles, legal codes, legal decisions and legal statutes; investigate the facts of the cases and the statements of the witnesses are also some of his principal tasks. He arbitrates the party disputes and helps in closing the real estate deals. Keeping the required volumes and books and updating the law office library is a major work completed by a assistant.

Major Job Responsibilities

A legal assistant has to prioritize, plan and organize the case activities to ensure the timely case completions. Apart from the external coordination and follow up with the clients and witnesses; a assistant also maintains internal coordination with the subordinates and supervisors. Verification of facts, incidents, statements and cases regarding the court proceedings is the main responsibility of a assistant. Decision making and problem solving during the whole execution process also comes under his job responsibilities.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

A law degree is compulsory for the job of a legal assistant since it enables to understand the legal codes, legal articles, legal procedures and legal regulations of the government. An administration or management background certainly helps but is not compulsory. Reading comprehension, time management, active listening and learning, writing skills, conversation skills, interpersonal skills, logical and critical thinking and deductive reasoning are the basic requirements without which the legal assistant job description seems incomplete.